Web Development: What it takes to Design and Maintain Websites

Posted by on April 12, 2012 in Outsourcing Services | Comments Off on Web Development: What it takes to Design and Maintain Websites

Web Development and design is one of the most important aspects in internet marketing. It is one way of connecting to your consumers and addressing their concerns via the World Wide Web. Websites today need certain skills compared to its predecessors, let’s say 10 years ago. Basic HTML has now evolved and there are lots of methods nowadays where in you can optimize your website.

Here are some of the skills that you need to have to maintain your website:

  1. HTML. It is one of the oldest and most common ways to build up a website. Whether you are a Web designer or developer, you need to know the basic HTML codes even if you are using WYSIWYG editors.
  1. CSS. Second to HTML, CSS or Cascading Style Sheet makes up the appearance of the entire website. It is essential that Web designers are in touch with this skills, otherwise the website would not be appealing to its visitors.
  2. Creativity. Regardless of how much HTML or CSS a Web developer knows, if he/she does not have a sense of creativity, it is useless. This is something that you just learn from school; creativity is innate within the designer’s mind. There are also certain elements and design principles that designers need to know.
  3. JavaScript and Ajax. Another interactive way of presenting a website. Ajax or Asynchronous JavaScript is a programming language that can retrieve data from the main server without disrupting the display and the behaviour of a page. Web developers must have basic to advanced knowledge in this field to make your website more interactive.
  4.  PHP, ASP, Java, Perl or C++. These are more programming languages that a web developer or designer ought to learn besides the usual HTML. The more languages developers they learn the better they are when it comes to programming or designing a website.
  5. MySQL Database. MySQL is an open source database management that powers many big-time websites out there. There are features that this can enable for your website such as SSL Support, Query Caching, cursors and many more. Though not all designers need to learn this skill, it is still crucial to have basic information regarding this expertise.
  6. Flash. This integrates vectors, GIF’s and graphics to your webpage. This improves viewing experience for visitors and makes it more interactive and captivating. Flash can improve a developer’s’ knowledge in programming and improve design for web designers.

The internet is ever improving and out web designers are thoroughly updated in their craft. This can be a crafty job to do that is why many companies out there tend to outsource their developers and designers. Why not? It’s easy, economical and it’s the best there is.